Leopard Courier Tracking



Leopard Courier Tracking


Leopard tracking service is speedy and reliable. That is why you can do order tracking online with the help of this website. Type your tracking number inside the search bar and click the “Check Delivery Status” button. It is very simple and fast.

Leopard Courier Tracking Service

Leopard Courier tracking service is one of the fastest and most affordable courier and logistics services in Pakistan. With more than 15 courier services, leopard courier is offering everything that a sender needs. From cash on delivery to overnight delivery, leopard courier has everything. Also, LCS has enterprise software and packaging and printing services as well.



leopard courier tracking


And when it comes to leopard tracking, you can easily track your consignment online with the help of this portal. No more waiting and frustration, because now every customer can check their delivery status online. No matter if you are living in Pakistan or the UK or even UAE, you can check your delivery status with the help of your tracking ID. It is very easy and simple.

How to Track Leopard Courier Service Order?

The leopard tracking system is very formal. There is no fluff or complicated process. You can track any LCS parcel with the help of this step-by-step tracking guide.

Step 1:

Visit the leopard tracking web portal. If you are not sure what is the web portal then click on the following link to visit the tracking portal: https://leopardcouriertracking.com/

Step 2:

Once you approach the tracking website, you can now check your parcel’s delivery status. For this purpose, you need to enter your tracking number inside the tracking box or dialogue and hit the tracking button.

Step 3:

Now you will redirect to the details of your package delivery. There you can see whether your parcel is delivered or still in the process of shopping.

So this is how you can track your consignment with LCS. LCS takes the responsibility for secure delivery of your packages.

Leopard tracking parcel delivered details

What is Leopard Courier Tracking Number?

If you are not sure what the leopard courier tracking number is, then it is a unique ID that leopard courier provides you when you book any order through their service. The tracking number is a must if you want to do leopard tracking online. Without this tracking ID, you can not check the order status of your delivery.

How do you find the Tracking Number of the Parcel?

To find your tracking number, you need to check your delivery details. The tracking number must be in your email address, in your SMS, or even in your delivery receipt. If you have ordered something from an online store then that store will give you the tracking number. So contact your consignee and ask them to send your order tracking number. Otherwise, you can call a leopard courier to know more about your tracking number.

Leopard Courier Service

Leopard courier service provides all types of courier and logistics needs in Pakistan. You do not need to use any other courier service when you have a leopard courier. Leopard courier has more than 15 courier services in Pakistan, UK, and UAE. Let’s have a look at some of the most famous and reliable courier services of Leopard courier.

  • Cash On Delivery: This service is for business workers. With COD service, a person can send his product to the customer and the customer will only pay when he will get the product at his doorstep. You can make a COD account with Leopard courier and sell your products online.
  • Mera Time Delivery: We are also offering Mera Time Delivery (MTD) service for our customers. Now you can book any shipment from your home according to your time. We will pick your parcel up from your home and you do not need to go to Leopards Dispatch Express Centre.
  • International Delivery: No matter where you are, you can send and deliver any type of consignment with an international delivery service. Just book your order today and we will do the rest. Whether you need to send gifts or any other important document, we will deliver it securely.
  • Overnight Service: With the Overnight service of Leopard courier, you can send and receive any parcel within one night. This is the fastest service in Pakistan. Also, you can do leopard courier tracking overnight online.
  • Overland Service: Overland service is for bulky and heavy shipments. If you are running a business of heavy shipments then you can use this courier service. 
  • Educational Services: Leopard courier now offers educational services in Pakistan. We are offering services like attesting your university degrees from Islamabad or Lahore. We will take care of your educational documents.

How Does Leopard Courier Delivery Process Work?

When you send a package through a leopard courier service, you will usually be given a unique tracking number. This tracking number is a combination of letters and numbers that is specific to your package and is used to track its progress throughout the delivery process.

The leopard courier company will scan your package at various points in its journey, such as when it is collected from you when it reaches the courier’s sorting facility, and when it is loaded onto a delivery vehicle. Each time the package is scanned, its location and status are updated in our courier’s tracking system.

You can access the tracking information for your package by visiting the leopard courier’s website and entering your tracking number. This will show you the current status of your package, as well as its previous locations and the dates and times of each scan.

Leopard courier also offers notifications via email or SMS, which can keep you updated on the status of your package and any changes to its delivery schedule.

Overall, leopard courier tracking works by using a combination of scanning technology and online systems to provide real-time updates on the location and status of your package throughout its journey.

How Does Leopard Courier Tracking Work?

The leopard tracking system works on API ( Application Programming Interface). It is a set of protocols, routines, and tools that are used by software developers and leopard management to build applications and enable communication between different software components. 

So when you enter your tracking number inside the tracking box, our API system fetches the data from the delivery location and sends you the details of your order in real-time.

Leopard Courier Pakistan Delivery Services

It all started back in 1983 in Karachi. It was Jahangir Shahid who introduced the Leopard courier service in Pakistan. In the beginning, the leopard courier service was not in every city in Pakistan. However, leopard couriers started to grow gradually and today we have more than 1000 offices in 164 big cities in Pakistan.

The short name for leopard courier service is LCS. It is often used for courier tracking as well. So this is the short but hardly earned story of a leopard courier in Pakistan.

Leopard Courier Charges

Cash On Delivery Service Charges List

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C.O.D Tariff Charges Economy

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Overnight COD Charges

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Leopards Courier Customer Service

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Leopard Tracking Helpline Number

You can contact on the following numbers:

  • Faisalabad Help Line Number: 0412649383
  • Lahore: 04211300786
  • Karachi: 021111300786


What is Leopard tracking?

Leopard tracking is a process where customers can track and trace their parcels online. It is an easy way to get the status of any delivery in real-time.

What is LCS tracking?

LCS tracking is a short form of leopard courier tracking. It is the same as leopard tracking.

How to do leopard courier tracking online?

To do leopard tracking online, you need to enter your tracking number inside the tracking dialogue and click on the track parcel button.

What is the CN number?

CN number is a short name for tracking number or tracking ID. It is required to trace the packages on the website.

When will I get my Leopard courier parcel?

The normal delivery time of Leopard courier is between 2 to 5 business days. However, if you are using an Overnight service then your package will be delivered overnight.

How to do Leopard login?

Visit the COD account portal, enter your username and password, and click on login.

How to find a leopard courier near me?

To find leopard courier near me on Google, you need to type Leopard courier in Google map and you will find all the nearest express centers.,