Leopards Courier in Mandi Bahauddin



Leopards Courier in Mandi Bahauddin


Leopards Courier Service is one of the best courier services in Pakistan. From 1983 to 2023, this logistics company earned a great reputation in Pakistan. The founder of LCS is Mian Jehangir Shahid. He is currently managing all major programs of this company. Leopards are offering 16 courier services. 

  1. Cash on Delivery (COD)
  2. Mera Time Deliver
  3. Yellow Box 
  4. Overnight Delivery
  5. Cash on Delivery (Retail)
  6. Overland Delivery
  7. Flyer Express
  8. Leopards Bulao
  9. Efulfillment
  10. Send Gifts Online
  11. Warehouse and Distribution
  12. Economy
  13. Print and Mail
  14. Bill Payment Service
  15. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  16. International

All these Leopard Courier Services have 99% uptime and value for customers. Customers can choose any of the above services and get benefits from LCS services. With so many Express centers and service locations, LCS is offering one of the finest customer services in Pakistan. In this post, you can find all the “Leopard Courier Near Me” locations that are actually near to you. No matter where you are, you will get at least one express center in your area. So it is not hard to find LCS service points near you.

About Leopards Courier



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Leopards Courier is an old courier and logistics company in Pakistan. It was founded by Mian Jehangir Shahid in 1983 in Karachi. In the early days, it was not a courier service company. However later, Mian Jehangir Shahid thought about converting his company into a proper courier and logistics company. Since then, the company has grown so fast that it became one of the largest and most successful courier services in Pakistan.

Leopards Courier Tracking Service

Leopards courier is not only providing the courier service but also offers a tracking service. Users can now track their parcels online. They do not need to worry about whether their parcel is shipped or not, because they can get all the details in real-time. If you are a Leopard user and you have ordered something from an online store or from anywhere, you can check the status of the parcel online on this website. There is a tracking portal where you need to enter your tracking number and your parcel details will be shown in front of you.

Leopards Courier in Mandi Bahauddin

Leopards courier has more than 700 express centers and 1500 service locations all over Pakistan. It is also offering service to  2200 destinations worldwide. No matter where you live in Pakistan, you will have access to LCS Express centers. All you need to do is follow the below address and go to the express center. When you go there, you can ask them to help you. Now you can send parcels, get information regarding your parcel or even ask anything that you want.

Belo is the address of the Leopard Express center along with the phone number. You can use Google Maps to find the right location if you are not sure where this office location is.

Address of Leopards Courier Express Center:

  • Address: Bank Rd, near Jazz Franchise, Mandi Bahauddin
  • Leopards Courier Helpline Number: (0546) 410324- (03007742005)

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